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The first for now...

Hello everyone~!

My name on the Moonglade server is "Sabriel"...

I am a Night Elf Priest (Holy in talents)

I am currently level 24....(though not for long)

I am a member of the largest guild so far on the server - "Highborn"

My proffesions include Tailoring and Enchanting.

I have previous world of warcraft experience on the ER server.


I wanted to create a community to bring together those that use LJ and are also members of the Moonglade server as when looking at the other communities I noticed there was not yet a community for the moonglade server and thought to myself...

...because there are so few of us, we need something like this to contact each other.

So, I hope both Horde and Alliance of the Moonglade server will come together here to talk, present screenshots/graphics and just have some fun.

When you join please introduce yourself as I have...or in more detail.

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