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I just discovered this community so I thought I'd say hi! I play a night elf hunter on Moonglade called Miyva and am a member of the Ebon Flame, so if you see me and my wind serpent around, feel free to approach me. I love roleplaying, but I don't use flagRSP because I'm not sure my connection could handle it and I also feel that some of the best encounters are unplanned ones. :)

Anyway, I'm glad to see Moonglade has its own community because I'm really enjoying playing on this server!
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Are the wind serpents the blue ones? I saw one in Darnassus and wondered what it was:)

I'm glad to see more and more people are joining the community. *Beams*

I hope you're enjoying your Moonglade christmas and as soon as I've finished my exam etc, I'll make sure to contact you on the server.

Hope you enjoy the community!
Greetings fellow Hunter! I play a dwarf hunter called Vaeranor on Moonglade, and I'm a keen WC RP-er myself! It's a great server, isn't it? I didn't like some of the others I tried at all! Maybe I should try the newish RP-PvP ... if I could just work out how it was different! :S