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new here

Hi I've just discovered WOW and have a high elf druid on Moonglade server, having been around LJ some time I of course decided to see if there was a community dedicated to Moonglade, and lo there is :)

So a quick question whats' a good guild to try and join, and if they're not yelling for members how do you ask?
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The "best" guild on the server fron what I've seen seems to be a guild named...."The Source".

They're the best in levels and statistics and I believe they will probably one day secure the words..."Best guild on the server".


The guild me and my friend are in is named "The Wyld Hunt" the guild is the largest on the server so far and from what I've seen accept basically all levels. Their highest level is a 60 and I think their lowest is a 6.

It's a friendly guild that encourages RP and accepts basically anyone, type "the wyld hunt" into your "who" search via the "social" icon. This will show you some members of the guild, whisper one of these and ask to speak to an officer, then ask an officer first about the guild and then mention you're interested in joining.

I'm sure they'd accpet you and then you'll be in touch with a great number of people of all levels. ^_^
Thanks I'll try that this evening. The Wyld Hunt sounds better than The Source -to buffyverse for WOW :)-
I've got the gameplay down, more or less, though I'm still in Darkshore. I'm finding the chat/community side harder to fathom. It would appear I can't run & type :)
What's your character name on the server?

And I'm sure you'll get used to it. ^_~

I num lock my character on run so I can type at the same time, hehe. Seems to work well, I hope you enjoy your time on the server. =)

And nice time to join, the christmas holidays! *cheers*
the main one is Nightraven.

Have seen the misteltoe revelers and I though if I sneaked in at the beginning of Dec I could be ahead of the Christmas rush :)

I forgot to say....


And this journal community. ^_^
Hmm ... A good guild to try and join...

I guess it depends on what you want from your guild. Do you want help with quests? Instances and Raid organisation? A place to RP with fellow RPers who take it as seriously as you do? Do you want it to be selective, only taking the best of the best? There are guilds to suit everyone (if there isn't, then start your own!! :P) Shop around. If you get whispered (as I did) by guild leaders who are recruiting, be sure to ask them what the guild policies are. A guild one of my characters is joining holds RP interviews!! And, at the end of the day, if you find you made the wrong choice, you can always quit the guild and go join another!